Amy Prieskorn

PrieskornAmy began her career in the legal field a legal assistant with JoAnne Vallarelli-Adam in 1997.  Amy went on to work for the law firms of Sinus Dramis, and Johnson and Wyngaarden.  When Amy’s oldest daughter started school, Amy decided to leave the legal arena and work at public school system so she could be closer to home and spend the summers with her children.  Amy spent the next ten years as an administrative assistant at Leslie Public Schools before she left and joined the Ingham County Prosecutors office.  In 2017, Amy left the Ingham County Prosecutors Office and joined the State of Michigan as an Analyst for the Department of Business and Regulation.  In January of 2019, Amy joined the Office of the Public Defender as the Administrator.

Amy has two daughters who promised not to grow up, but they did anyway.  She enjoys traveling, reading and listening to music on Friday nights with her best friend. 

Amy received her Bachelors degree in Social Work from Spring Arbor University.