Paralegals handle basic client interaction, discovery requests and review, attend court hearings, meetings, jail visits, trial prep, document preparation and review. They are able to answer any non-legal questions such as court dates, what's going to happen at a certain type of hearing, and the status of a case. Paralegals CANNOT give legal advice.

For district court felonies with Judge Ward, Judge Simmons, or 54-b please contact Kayla Douglass. 
For disctrict court felonies with Judge Buchanan, Judge Alderson, or 55th please contact Mandi Gilpatrick.

For Circuit Court cases with Judge Draganchuk or Judge Aquilina please contact Kayla Douglass.
For Circuit Court cases with Judge Canady or Judge Jamo please contact Mandi Gilpatrick.

Kayla  Douglass (517) 679- 2982
Mandi Gilpatrick (517) 679- 2983